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360 Lilly Rd NE , Suite B

Olympia, Washington 98506

    Time to Catch Up!

   Due to COVID-19, many patients deferred their Annual Physical exams for 2020. Now that vaccinations are being administered, it's time to schedule that Annual Physical so we may get your preventative services back on track.       

Health and Wellness 

for your Family 


Healing You Back to Health

We Understand that many people are dealing with stress and anxiety during this time. Here are some helpful tips which may help when things are feeling out of control

  • Be aware of your feelings. Try to note what you are feeling and when you are feeling it. It may help to write down how you are feeling and why.​

  • Notice your Mindset. The way you think about things really does affect the way you feel. If you tell yourself something is too hard or too stressful, it's going to feel that way. But if you tell yourself you can handle something hard, you're more likely to be able to.

  • Focus on what you can control. Try not to focus on what you can't. Make a list to organize your thoughts. Then decide which things on the list you can take action on and which ones you can't. This will remind you what's in your control and what isn't. Be okay with not being able to control everything.

  • Keep a routine. Maybe you can commit to taking a shower and getting dressed everyday. Or make a plan to get outside for a walk at lunch. Don't be too hard on yourself if you just can't do it one day, but do your best to pick it up again tomorrow.

  • Look for sources of stress you can limit. Then take steps to limit them. That might mean turning off the news, staying away from social media, or even having less contact with certain people.

  • Distract yourself. Spend time on a hobby or project. Call a friend. Read a book. Watch a new TV series. Start a workout program.

  • Be sure your coping strategies are helpful. Find things to do that help calm and relax you. Read a book, take a warm bath, practice meditation or mindfulness, or listen to music. Things like staying too busy might exhaust you or add to your stress. Be aware that alcohol can often make stress and anxiety worse. Just make sure that the things you're doing to cope are helping rather than hurting.

  • Use the availability of technology to help such as apps for meditation like Calm or Headspace. You can also use the website to find available therapists covered by your insurance. If cash is an option for you, try or for virtual therapy with a provider matched to your specific needs.

We provide comprehensive health care service​s for the whole family and take the time to listen to your health history and concerns.

Our Health Care Provider

Michelle Warner, FNP-C

Michelle received her undergraduate degree from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, in 2004. She further pursued her studies until she received her Master's in Nursing degree from Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri in 2017.

She is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C), a member of the Obesity Medicine Association, and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Michelle worked as an emergency room nurse for 14 years and her goal in family practice is to keep her patients healthy and active. She is a Utah native and enjoys traveling, hiking, and will read anything she can get her hands on.  

Come Visit Us

From I-5 Northbound

  1. Take Exit 107.
  2. Turn left onto Pacific.
  3. Turn right onto Pattison Street S.E.
  4. Turn right onto Martin Way.
  5. Turn left onto Ensign Road.
  6. Turn right immediately after intersection

From I-5 Southbound

  1. Take Exit 109 Martin Way.
  2. Follow Martin Way for 1.5 miles.
  3. Turn right onto Lilly Rd
  4. Turn right onto Ensign Rd
  5. Evergreen Family Practice will be on your right ( first entrance after the intersection)

Service Areas in Washington

  • Lacey
  • Olympia
  • Tumwater

Business Hours

Monday to Thursday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM 

*Lunch break: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Contact Information

Evergreen Family Practice

360 Lilly RD, Suite B

Olympia, Washington 98506

Phone: 360-438-3029

Fax: 360-438-8585

Email: [email protected]

                                           To inquire about an appointment, please call or email