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360 Lilly Rd NE , Suite B

Olympia, Washington 98506

Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE for our patients

These are unprecedented times and the health and safety of our patients are of great concern. 

Due to the quarantine guidelines, we are reducing our clinic hours to Mon-Thurs 9:30-4:00 pm and will be operating with minimal staff. 

These changes will be indefinitely.

We are now providing Telemedicine visits with Michelle. These are appropriate for routine follow-ups, lab reviews, medication refills, and simple acute illnesses. You can request a telemedicine appointment by calling the office at 360-438-3029 or email us at 

[email protected]

Please wear a mask at all times during your appointment.

The COVID-19 vaccination is highly recommended and you can find out what phase you are in and appointment availability through the following links below:

Washington State Department of Health's website dedicated to COVID-19 

and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website 

We are committed to maintaining wellness within our community and will be here to support our patients.

Stay happy and healthy,

Michelle Warner, ARNP

Stop Spreading Illness Basics

Wash Your Hands. Do NOT eye roll on this.  You scrub those hands to the song of “Happy Birthday to You” and get the nail beds, between your fingers, top & bottom of your hands and thumbs and you’ll be well above the curve. Please wear your facial masks, this is mandatory as of June 26, 2o2o.